Our reliable and fast Points of Payment
make paying cash for essential everyday use services
quick, safe, and fun.


The EasyPay network enables payments
for a huge range of services and online businesses.

"We developed and built our super-duper software and hardware completely from the ground up. It’s all totally new for Indonesia!"

— Budi, in-house genius


Make fast and secure cash payments with the latest innovation in software and hardware development.

Easypay Self Service Kiosks

Easypay kiosk is a secure, stylish and sophisticated machine that accepts Indonesian banknotes for instantly verified payments to the EasyPay service providers.

Key features:

  • Simple and Intuitive touchscreen interface, Instantly verified payment process, Platform for online shopping, Platform for advertising, Secure Transaction

"We worked hard to make the communication between man and machine as easy as possible and we succeeded."

How to use

It's really easy to use. Take a look!

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