3 Reasons Why Customers Leave Our Business

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It must be unpleasant when the customers that we have been so tired of getting, leave us. What are the reasons why our customers run away? Can we prevent it? Come on, check here.
They are not satisfied with the price we offer
Prices are one of the most common adjustments that companies make when they start losing customers. Companies often rely too much on price changes to solve actual problems caused by poor customer service or outdated products.
If you do have a legitimate pricing problem, dealing with it may need some research. You should look at the margins and cash flow, industry standards, and the value that you create with your marketing.
They are not satisfied with the products we offer
Your customers can be satisfied with your price, but if they don’t really like what you offer, they will eventually leave. Offering discounts and cutting prices can make them stay for a while – but if they don’t like your product or service, cutting prices is the beginning of the end.
What might make people not like your product?
Your product / service does not provide a solution to their problem
All exchange of money with goods / services starts from the desire to solve a problem. Are you hungry? Buy food. Is your hair too long? Visit the salon. Well, if your product claims to solve the problem but it doesn’t, or troubles the customer, people are more likely to leave.
If your product solves their problem but not completely, they may persist – until something better emerges.
If your product doesn’t solve the problem at all, you have a bad product / market.
Be honest in your marketing. Don’t claim to be able to solve problems that you can’t solve, or overestimate your abilities. Understand your customer’s needs. Find the middle point between lifting your product, and providing concrete results.

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