5 Easy Steps Becoming A Successful Phone Credit Agent

Phone Credit Agent Easy Steps

For those of you who want or still planning to start a business as additional income that does not need big capital, being a Phone Credit Agent is one of the answers. Aside from how its simplicity, the potential profit from selling phone credit is pretty good.

Why is that? Because in this increasingly modern era, to support the development and acceleration of the modern era, the need for phone credit is increasing. Phone credit has become one of the important needs to support daily activities which, in fact, for the total of average people who never separated from the gadget as a means of activity.

For those of you who are already proficient in starting a business or who are equipped with large capital, surely you can conveniently start and run this business. But for those of you who just begin to start a business or as a start up, how do you start doing business as a Phone Credit Agent?

Want to know what steps you need to take to be successful as a Credit Agent? Let’s look at these steps.

Get to Know the Prospects and Products First

This is the most important way to do before starting and calculating the benefits of being a Phone Credit Agent. Based on the results of data from the National Socio-Economic Survey (SUSENAS), phone credit consumptions in Indonesia is on number one outperforming the electricity consumption. The product that can be sold by a Phone Credit Agent come from various operators (Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, Tri, Axis, or Smartfren). In addition there are SMS credits, internet data packages, telephone packages, prepaid electricity tokens, to online game vouchers.

Understand the Profit Mechanism

The main advantage of Phone Credit Agents is not only from the difference in sales of pulses, but also from sales of other products such as sales of electric tokens or online game vouchers. In addition, the term passive income can also be used as an opportunity to earn profits by recruiting people to be the agent team in your sales or commonly referred to as a downline.

Choose a Trusted Server

The next concrete step after understanding how the Phone Credit Agent works is finding and registering yourself with the Phone Credit Agent server. Currently there are many Phone Credit Agents available, but you must be careful and careful in choosing a trusted Phone Credit Agent server with a good reputation. Make sure the server is able to provide profit opportunities for you.

Make a Deposit

After registering, the pin number you get can be used for deposit. Making a deposit is likened to an initial investment as a Phone Credit Agent. The deposit process itself can be done by coming directly to the server’s office for a cash deposit or by transferring it to a server account.

Begin Marketing and Promotion

The process of marketing electric pulses can be easily done in various ways both online and offline. For online marketing, you can do through broadcast chat on various social media such as Instagram and Facebook. The offline marketing can be done with an SMS system from any type of cellphone, and from any operator whose transactions can be done nonstop for 24 hours every day.

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