5 Tips For Small Business In Digital World

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Nowadays, people are interested to start their own small business. They are wanting to be more flexible than standard office employee that need to conduct its company’s rules. However, the upcoming digital trends has disrupted many business, and we need to be clever overcoming this wave in order to adapt with the market. We summarize 5 tips for you who wants to start their own business in modern era.

Create your own website


In this new era, requires you to have your own website for your business in order to make presence in the digital world. Many of your potential customers might find you from the internet. You also need to maintain and monitor your website regularly, people will gain trust if you do it. And don’t forget to design your website to look more professional.

Register your business with Google Business


Google will show your profile to your potential customers as a solution if your products are related with their needs/problems. With Google Business, you will have ratings that comes from the audience, when you get better ratings, then higher chances to get the first page on Google.

Use E-commerce website


There are many e-commerce website nowadays, the big players such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shopee, Blibli, etc are giving their customers a variety of products that meet with their needs with a very reasonable price compare to conventional store. You can get many benefits if you promote your business through this channel such as gain more popularity, increase customers, increase sales, etc.

Use Social Media to introduce your product to the market


People are spending a huge amount of time in the internet mostly on social media. You can optimize this opportunity by creating business profile and be active in social media to promote your products. Some of the social media giving you insights to know more about your viewers, then you can analyze it and create content that suitable for your viewers in order to gain more followers and engagement.

Follow the new trends


In order to survive, you need to be adapt in any environment. You don’t want to look like a dead wood that doesn’t want to change and knows nothing about the new trends. Enriched your knowledge and sense about what’s trending in the market. For example, people nowadays are more visual than descriptive, therefore you need to create a video or photo promotion in order to get more engagement from the market. These will be an added value for your own business.


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