5 Tips How To Negotiate Your Job Salary

Salary Negotiation

Having our dream job,  with desirable salary, must have been a dream of many people. But to achieve that dream, many steps must be passed, starting from the learning process, job search, to taking a test to enter the company in question. One process that must be gone through is the process of interview or interview. In the interview process we are given the opportunity to negotiate salaries according to our abilities and desires.

But for you, who are still confused about how to negotiate the right salary and right, EasyPay has a few tips that you can pay attention to in conducting good negotiations. Anything? Come see in this post!

Conduct Research About the Job Field

You must find out about salary data information for the position you want to apply for. Many ways that can be done, one of them is by searching on several trusted sites or by asking your friends who occupy these positions about what is the appropriate range for both fresh graduates or professionals.

Learn about your Potential and Skills

During the interview or negotiation process, say all about your achievements, which have been achieved before and the skills that you can master. You can also reconsider the employment history and salary received previously. Don’t forget to match your work with your education, about assignments at the company that is being applied for. After all, you deserve to get a higher salary than before.

Pay Attention to the Right Negotiation Time

It is better if you tell as much as possible about the strengths, experience, your ability to adapt and the suitability of your educational background with the position you are aiming for. Prove that you are experienced so that you and the recruiter will be more comfortable in calculating and accommodating salaries that match your expectations and abilities.

Specify Numbers Specifically

After doing research, you can determine the expected salary specifically. Avoid salary negotiations in the form of a range. In this way, you have given the impression that you are experienced, assertive, calculating everything, and you can respect yourself.

Don’t Be Too Rigid With Target Numbers

Especially for you fresh graduates, even though you already have a specific number, you should also consider the salary that has been offered by the company you are applying for. Don’t forget, your priority is the opportunity to work at the company and prove your abilities. Especially for those of you who don’t have work experience. But do not be afraid, because generally certain large companies offer many benefits other than the basic salary received.

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