About EasyPay Indonesia

EasyPay Indonesia is company that provide a safe and realible payment system for Indonesian people. Eastablished in 2013, currently EasyPay Indonesia is spread throughout Jabodetabek and Bali.

EasyPay Indonesia user can conduct all kinds of cash payment, from phone credit, internet data package, electricity bill, health insurance, and even various e-wallet topup. We add new products every day to constantly imrpove our service for the people.

Our two main service currently are EasyPay Kiosk and EasyPay Agent. EasyPay Kiosk is a self-service machine with Offline to Online payment system that can be operated directly by the user. EasyPay Agents are representatives of EasyPay Indonesia that utilize our web base payment system.

EasyPay use an original system developed by an International IT team, combining the knowledge of Russia and Indonesia and references from the best payment systems in the world. To ensure its security, EasyPay utilize a security system developed by Cisco. EasyPay received a positive response from the people since its initiation, and currently have around 10.000 point of sales all across Jabodetabek, Jawa, and Bali. You can find EasyPay kiosks and agents at traditional stalls, supermarkets, hospitals, schools, and train stations.