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EasyPay buddy, try to be honest, when you choose something that is one of your considerations besides price? One of them is definitely the promo, agree?

In general, there are two promos that we often meet, cashback and discounts. But unfortunately, there are many people who are still mistaken about the definition of cashback. Some think cashback is a price reduction, or even a special price. In fact, cashback has a very different meaning from price reduction. Even though later the money you collect can you use to reduce the purchase price.

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What is Cashback? 

Cashback itself is an offer where you as a buyer will be given a cash refund or virtual money from the percentage that has been arranged by the service provider. The money can certainly be obtained when you meet the conditions given. For example, a minimum purchase of 50,000, – will be given a cashback of Rp 10,000, –

Most cashback promotions today are usually not really cash in the hands of buyers. The cashback service provider will give the money in the form of a deposit that you can later take with a certain nominal value.

This method is actually done so that you continue to make purchases at the service that stores your deposit. In some services, they even provide a grace period for using cashback.

Types of Cashback

In general, there are three types of cashback that we often encounter:

Credit Card Cashback

The first cashback that is often obtained comes from a credit card. This cashback is one of the programs issued by a particular bank to provide benefits to its users. A credit card issuing bank will give a refund of a sum of money or limit if you reach a certain nominal. The greater the amount of money you spend, the greater the cashback you get.

Even now some banks have issued cashback credit cards, namely credit cards that specifically provide certain cashback, but again the conditions must still be met.

Cashback E-commerce or online shop


For this cashback, surely you are already very familiar, huh. How is it not? Almost all e-commerce in Indonesia must use this promo. Online shop cashback promotions are usually not in the form of direct cash refunds but the store will provide cashback for you to use in the next purchase in the same online shop. So for the next purchase you will get a discount as much as the cashback you collect. The amount of cashback you get, will be determined by the online store.

Property Cashback


For this type of cashback promo, it might be a little different from other cashback and a little less familiar in the ear. Cashback property itself is a program issued by a property developer to provide benefits where they will provide cashback if consumers buy the property they sell. Usually property developers will provide cashback in the form of goods as a complement to the property purchased, for example TV, AC, Refrigerator, etc.

There are even some developers who give cashback in the form of motorized vehicles, for example motorbikes if the property prices are quite large. This promotion has proven to be effective enough to attract consumers, because consumers assume that they will get rewarding after buying a property that has a high price because it will get a large cashback.

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