Be Careful! Consider This Matter Before Buying A House

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EasyPay Buying, do you know that many millennials are unaware of the importance of saving to buy housing? Still not believing? Come on, let’s see the data!

From the results of a survey conducted by a number of institutions, one of which was research conducted by Kompas on 7-11 April 2017. In the survey, of the 300 respondents aged 25-35 years who lived in the capital, only 39 percent already had a residence. While the rest, they are still considering buying property or residence.

The difficulty of the millennial generation to get a home is also not without cause. In addition to increasingly expensive housing prices, millennials also have other ‘needs’ which they think are important, including traveling, culinary, and also buying other latest items. On the other hand, the more conservative someone gets older to buy a house.

The survey shows from Rumah.Com Property Affordability Sentiment H1-2018 Index shows that as many as 63 percent of the 1.20 respondents throughout Indonesia claimed to plan to buy a house within the next six months. Recorded from the total respondents who are optimistic about buying a house, 44 percent came from the age group of 21-29 years, aka young millennials, and 35 percent from the age group 30-39 years old or millennial.

According to a Bank of America report, the 23-40 year age group can successfully buy a house grouped into two, namely because of personal success (53%) and financial success (45%).

​Adjust to the ability to pay​

Before choosing a house, it’s a good idea to equalize the ability to pay with a mortgage per month. Do not let you get a good location, near the workplace and the city center, but not in accordance with the ability to pay and ultimately have an impact on other financial flows.

Therefore, the amount of income and also the ability to buy must be fully calculated. Do not get in the middle of your credit line jammed and even make other financial problems.

Reporting from Forbes, to buy a house is highly recommended to place approximately 28% of your monthly income. With the remaining 72% of your income, you can still leave your money for other needs, such as saving and other needs.


After checking personal calculations, the next thing to consider is the location of the candidate where you live. Usually, properties that are in a good location and close to the city are sure the price will also grow fast.

One of the factors that influences location is that it is easily reached by public transportation so that mobility is easier.

Developer Track Record

If you buy a house from real estate, you need to know information about the developer you are interested in. Try to find experienced developers.

If you buy a house from a new developer, it’s a good idea not to buy a house in the form of a picture or pre-project selling. At least the building is under construction at least 50% or ready for habitation.

Check Permissions

As a wise consumer, the next thing you have to check is the administration of housing project licensing.

Many licensing cases have occurred, one of which is a certificate that has not been completed or has not been accepted, even though the consumer has already paid off the payment.

For this reason, it is necessary to check to avoid problems that will arise later.

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