Benefit Of Being Phone Credit Agent In 2020

Phone Credit Agent in 2020

It’s never too late for those of you who want to do business in 2020. In fact, by doing business you no longer need to depend on your boss or even your parents. So, don’t forget to join as an Easypay Agent! Besides having abundant benefits, here also you can get the cheapest special prices!

But what are the benefits that you can get by becoming a credit agent? Here EasyPay gives you information about what benefits you will get as a credit agent.

Perfect for Beginners

Not the same as other businesses, besides being easy, being a phone credit agent is suitable for you who are just starting a business. Especially for those of you who are still afraid of the risks of doing business. Being a credit agent can be said to have no risk. If your credit doesn’t sell, you can still use it for your own needs.

Who Does Not Need Phone Credit?

As time goes by, it is demanding that everyone has a cell phone or cellphone. Every mobile user definitely needs a credit. Based on data from the National Socio-Economic Survey (SUSENAS), phone credit consumption in Indonesia exceeds the amount of electricity consumption. The community’s need for phone credit is also increasing day by day because a lot of information can be obtained through the internet. Therefore, the credit business has good and promising prospects.

Broad Market Target

Because mobile phones have become part of everyday life, the target market of phone credit agents can be called broad. Ranging from children to adults, men and women, and also for all walks of life.

No Need Place For Business

Unlike a credit counter, being a phone credit agent does not require a rental place to sell. Credit agent is an invisible but profitable business. Simply provide a balance and a cellphone that can be taken anywhere, you can already start doing business. You can also serve customers anytime, anywhere.

Promising Benefits

The benefits of being a phone credit agent can be achieved from a variety of products, ranging from credit vouchers, data packages, or electricity to games. The profit gained from each transaction reaches an average of Rp 1,500. Say you do 20 transactions per day, it means you get a profit of IDR 30,000 per day which if multiplied by 30 days becomes IDR 900,000.

Easy Promotion

Does not require a physical form of promotion, being a phone credit agent only needs promotion by word of mouth or through online media. In addition, the transaction process of the phone credit business is also very easy to do with the transfer method, and can already do the transaction.

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