Beware of Fraud on Behalf of EasyPay Indonesia

Beware of Fraud

Watch Out! Kang Tipu on behalf of EasyPay is looking for prey and one of the victim could be you, EasyPay Folks! There are a few tips so you can avoid this fraud.


1. EasyPay never asks for any account password

2. EasyPay will announce the winner only through EasyPay Indonesia Official Account (Website, Apps, and Social Media)

3. EasyPay will not ask for explicit data such as user credit or debit card numbers

4. EasyPay has never asked to transfer money for any reason other than Top Up

If you accidentally know about this fraud and smells something fishy, immediately report this incident to CS EasyPay on 0800 100 3279.

Come on, help EasyPay to eradicate this ugly trick!

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