Financially Independent! Money Management Steps for Newlyweds

Financiall Independy for Newly Married Couples

Many important things to think about after marriage because things that happen before and after marriage are definitely very different. And one of the things that must be planned carefully is financial planning.

The success in managing finances is also one of the keys to success in marriage. With careful financial planning, you are guaranteed to be successful in building a harmonious family.

Then, how to manage finances especially for newly married couples who have just had a wedding? Here are tips on how to be Financially Independent from EasyPay to help newly married couples in managing finances.

# 1 Bank Account, individual or joint account?
Determine the account that will be used in a family, whether a joint account or individual accounts. Joint accounts can also be a reason for young couples to save. Each account helps you and your partner meet other needs that cannot be met from a joint account.

# 2 Set aside a Minimum of 10-20 Percent of Income for Savings
Saving money to arrange emergency funding needs is very important. The funding needs are at least 6 times the routine needs of the family. For example, a monthly routine requirement of IDR 3 million means a savings account of IDR 18 million is recommended. Tips to be able to save money smoothly is to cut the needs that are tertiary, lifestyle, and creative. The tips from EasyPay for managing finances can be read on the following blog

# 3 The Need to Discuss Financial Objectives
After marriage, newly married couples should specify the financial goals. If you don’t have a house, you and your partner can collect funds to buy a house (down payment). If you plan to have children, you can collect fees for the birth process and school. How did it all come true? Of course saving money is not enough or it can take a very long time. Start investing!

# 4 Prepared for Financial Protection and Emergency Funds
Generally, emergency funds are used for unexpected needs such as illness, accidents, accidents, and others. You and your partner can follow an insurance program that can help overcome the things that are not desirable. You can take part in insurance programs such as health insurance, child education, life insurance, and others.

# 5 Make One Day as A Money Meeting
Money meetings are usually held on weekends. In this way, you and your partner discuss about your finances in one month, whether there are bills next month, how you and your partner in achieving financial goals. Not only that, this method can also strengthen your relationship with your partner because of the increased level of openness and honesty in your relationship honesty in your relationship.

# 6 Careful and Thorough in Determining the Budget
In managing the financial budget, you and your partner must be careful and observant in using money. Prioritize basic needs in the household and don’t spend too much on spending money. Choose carefully in buying the basic needs of you and your partner such as electricity, credit, PDAM, and others. However, all can be helped if you and your partner have additional income. EasyPay can help you earn extra income by selling digital products such as pulses, data packages, electricity tokens, and others. Simply download the application and do a top up, you can already sell to the community or the environment closest to you. The process is very simple and easy right? Come download the EasyPay application now!

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