GamesMAX Package from Telkomsel! The Best Products for Gamers

GamesMAX (EasyPay)

New product already available for EasyPay customers who love to play games. The product is Telkomsel GamesMAX! By buying this data package, customers not only get a data package but also get a variety of other benefits. with the following details:

can be used for the entire network (All Network)

 can be used to play games, but if there are in-game updates from the game publisher will use regular data. Games that can be played are PUBG Mobile, Shellfire, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Arena of Valor, LINE Let’s Get Rich, and Garena Free Fire.

And get 1 bonus prize * from the following options:

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile): Camouflage Hotpants, Women’s Tuxedo (Purple), Pant (Purple), Shoes, Glasses (Punk), Shirts (Red), and other items that are valid for 7 days. Mobile Legends: 33 Diamonds. Shellfire: 20 Ruby and Double Coin Cards (1 day). Arena of Valor: Crystal. Garena Free Fire: Lucky Box for the opportunity to get one of these items: Seaman Ford, Nikita, Skull Mask, Black Activewear (Hoodie), Cool Activewear (Hoodie), Singlets (Help!), Silver Loot Crate, and Gold. Garena Shell: 25 Shells. LINE Let’s Get Rich: 1 cube containing S + material light, S transcendent light, 100k gold, 100 stars candy, S popular pendant ticket. Point Blank Strike: Golds and Regular Boxes.

* To get a prize, you can access UMB * 363 * 678 #.

It’s easy, just select the GamesMAX product in your WebPos or Mobile Apps in the DATA PACKAGE category for TELKOMSEL products, then enter the customer’s mobile number. After the transaction is complete, the GamesMax data package will go directly to the customer’s mobile number.

Easypay provides a complete range of digital products such as pulsa, data packages, electricity, and other bills with a 24 hours customer service are ready to serve agents anywhere and anytime fast.

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