Winners of Honda Vario 150CC GERAY Program (Gerakan Retailer EasyPay)

The Grand Prize Winner of Honda Vario 150CC

In this January EasyPay held a year-end program called GERAY (Gerakan Retailer EasyPay), where EasyPay agents were invited to join and win various prizes with the grand prize of a Honda Vario 150CC motorcycle! The more selling using EasyPay, the better chance of becoming a champion.

And here is Rara from ENI Cell, who was lucky to get a grand prize in the form of a Honda Vario 150CC from EasyPay. But fortunately those who have not been lucky, do not be discouraged, because EasyPay will continue to run a program that is not less exciting and interesting along with other prizes. See you at the next Gathering Event and congratulations to Rara for winning the grand prize!

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