How to Top-Up Mobile Legend on EasyPay

mobile legend topup diamond
Mobile legend gameplay illustration (EasyPay Indonesia)

Hi EasyPay users, Good NEWS for you! For those of you who already have a WebPOS EasyPay account, your store can now serve Diamond Mobile Legend Top-Up only with Webpos. Your customer’s needs for Diamond will make playing Mobile Legend even more exciting!

Curious how to use it?

1. Open your Mobile Legend app
2. Click the Settings option
3. Record your Mobile Legend ID number without a sign
Example: 215094484 (9131) to be 2150944849131
4. Come to EasyPay Kiosk or to the nearest EasyPay Agent
5. Select Mobile Legend in the Games option
6. Enter your game ID number. Remember, no sign 
7. Choose the nominal top-up Diamond Mobile Legend that you want

* Remember, all you need to enter is the Mobile Legend ID number, not your mobile number *

Following is the price of Diamond Mobile Legend from December 13, 2018:

50 Diamonds – Rp 14.700
74 Diamonds – Rp 21.150
184 Diamonds – Rp 50.450
366 Diamonds – Rp 99.600

Hurry! promote this article to all your customers right away! Only on EasyPay Indonesia, you can Top-Up Diamond Mobile Legend at affordable and fastest prices!

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