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The ancient study of geomancy that the world knows as Feng Shui originate from China. Considering that the Chinese ethnic population is quite high in Indonesia, the science of Feng Shui is also widely applied by the people of Indonesia.
Fengshui itself is the art of arranging rooms, both in your home and in your business. Layouts arranged according to Feng Shui rules are believed to bring more luck to home owners.
Although it sounds unreasonable, actually the rules of Feng Shui are only to maximize the positive energy flowing in the house. This is what then creates a harmonious and conducive living environment. With that, your life will be more qualified in terms of sustenance and health. Although overall Feng Shui rules are very complex, you can begin to apply them with this following basic principles.

Air Circulation and Sunshine

The first principle is to open the curtains and windows every time you wake up in the morning. Let the air and sun circulation into the house to refresh your mind. This will increase your enthusiasm when carrying out activities.
Research also states that air and natural light can make a person feel more calm and happy. A cheerful mood helps you get inspiration so that it is more productive in working later.

To Increase Sustenance, Expand Gold and Purple

In the science of Feng Shui, all the objects that you will bring into the house will flow energy in the room. That is why, in the science of arranging this space the color of objects plays a role for the positive flow of the room you live in.
According to Chinese belief, the color of gold is the color that symbolizes ‘wealth’. That’s the reason why most Asian homes in America mostly have gold-colored furniture, ranging from mirrors to cabinets. Gold-colored furniture reportedly carries dynamic energy in the energy flow of your room. But if you don’t like gold, you can use purple for the color of the alloy.

Wood Elements


According to Chinese belief, nature is the main manifestation of abundant and unlimited wealth. So, replicating the fertile natural energy in your home can attract high-quality positive energy.

It is recommended to have wood and natural elements in your office. If you really don’t like wood, you can use bamboo. The ethnic Chinese ethnic community that, decorating your office with natural elements and wood can facilitate sustenance and personal health.


In the science of Feng Shui, sunlight always brings a positive atmosphere that is good for all kinds of mental conditions. For that, it is advisable to hang a mirror facing the direction of entry of light in the room. The reflection of light from the mirror will spread throughout the room with the positive atmosphere it carries.

Don’t Place In-Room Water Furniture

Water means to improve sustenance. That is why, many houses in Japan have fountains in front of their homes. If you want to improve your luck in your office, many Feng Shui experts will suggest adding water furniture to your room.

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