Fun Facts About Millenials

Millenials Fun Facts

As we all know, millennials are those who born in the 1980-2000s. But do you know that illennial generation turns out to have some shocking facts? Here are the fun facts of millennials that you must know as reported by 

Millennials Care More about the Environment

It turns out that millennials are more concerned with environmental issues such as climate change issues than other world issues (World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Survery, 2017). Therefore, today many millennials are moving as pioneers in the prevention and handling of environmental issues such as anti-plastic bags, stainless steel straws, environmentally friendly fashion trends and energy-saving properties.

Millennials Also Like to Give Charity

Based on the results of a survey by the Millennial Impact Report of 2,500 millennials, there are 84% of millennials who routinely make donations and 70% become voluntary troops for things they consider important such as handling natural disasters and providing food to the underprivileged.

Millennials Will Dominate Various Work Sectors

Millennials havae the ability to dominate various work sectors. It has even been predicted that by 2025, the generation of miles will create 75% of new jobs. As it is now, many startup companies are founded by millennial generation and have succeeded in creating new jobs such as GO-JEK, Bukalapak, and

Comfort Working Environment Is Number One Priority

The comfort of working is a top priority for millennial generation in the world of work. It is not surprising that millennials prefer to work comfortably with not high salaries rather than large salaries but with too many tasks, especially with inappropriate professions. This is what makes millennials love to look for suitable new professions or even by creating new jobs.

Millennials Are More Vulnerable to Overweight

Did you know that it turns out that 70% of millennials are threatened with being overweight at a young age? Cancer Research UK found that millennials born in the 1980s to mid-90s were at risk of being overweight because they preferred to follow the diets that were being hit rather than going through them routinely and consistently.

Millennials Are More Perfectionists

University of Bath, England, revealed that millennial have a tendency to be and make perfection in any case. Millennials will be easily disturbed by their mental health and begin to feel anxiety if their perfectionist nature cannot be fulfilled.

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