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Now, EasyPay is increasingly easy to reach! With the EasyPay Mobile Application, you can sell various digital products at the best prices, directly from your mobile.

Whatever your customers need: credit, data packages, electricity accounts, or even game vouchers, everything you can provide.

Download now and experience the convenience of owning your own business thanks to EasyPay Mobile!

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After more than two years of using EasyPay, more and more visitors to my shop are proficient at using EasyPay Kiosk themselves without assistance. Not only credit, my shop visitors also use EasyPay to pay for electricity and water bills. Waiting for new products from EasyPay, yes!

Esti Store

Siti Irawati

Esti Store

When the first time we used the EasyPay Kiosk, people still needed to be guided to use it. Now, from teenagers to parents, they are really getting used to Easypay Kiosk.
Fast and easy transaction!

Robi Istiagung

Agam Store

In the past, we had to buy wholesale credit to provide credit purchase facilities. Thanks to EasyPay, not only credit, we can now provide a variety of products. All outles in every hospital, even all outlets in Indonesia, should use EasyPay

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