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It’s time for Indonesia to be tech savvy! EasyPay Kiosk is a touch screen machine that anyone can operate to carry out various digital product transactions.

Choose your own product, enter cash into the machine, and the transaction is complete. Both the touch screen technology and cash payment on EasyPay will provide access to modern technology for more people.

EasyPay kiosks are now available in hundreds of convenient store near your home. Visit and prove it yourself!

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After more than two years of using EasyPay, more and more visitors to my shop are proficient at using EasyPay Kiosk themselves without assistance. Not only credit, my shop visitors also use EasyPay to pay for electricity and water bills. Waiting for new products from EasyPay, yes!

Esti Store

Siti Irawati

Esti Store

When the first time we used the EasyPay Kiosk, people still needed to be guided to use it. Now, from teenagers to parents, they are really getting used to Easypay Kiosk.
Fast and easy transaction!

Robi Istiagung

Agam Store

In the past, we had to buy wholesale credit to provide credit purchase facilities. Thanks to EasyPay, not only credit, we can now provide a variety of products. All outles in every hospital, even all outlets in Indonesia, should use EasyPay

Usman Gumanti

Koperasi RSUD Tarakan

I have been selling groceries in my shop for years. With EasyPay Mobile, I can provide various electronic products to my customers easily and quickly!


Toko Lizz

My tips for those who are just starting a business: choose a good payment system like EasyPay Mobile, always be friendly, and understand the customer’s point of view. The more we understand them, the better the service we provide, and the more often they return.


Toko Sinar Mentari

The services are satisfiying, the prices are cheap, and transactions are getting faster with the latest updates!


Alfie Cell

EasyPay is really cheap and fast! Never regret since using EasyPay!

Ade Irawan

Adreena Cell

Product prices on EasyPay are more various and cheaper!


Heri Cell

Use EasyPay is satisfying because the price is very cheap! So I can get more profit each day.


Putri Cell

Responds from Customer Service were very quick. It is quitea an experience using EasyPay mobile apps! 


Mazani Cell

The price from EasyPay is quite competitive. Transactions are getting smoother and faster. So far is very satisfied with the service from EasyPay especially with the promos that keep on coming.

Urip Wigiharti

Naufal Cell

Using EasyPay, my income has increased! Especially with the fast and precise EasyPay service. The price of EasyPay is also cheap so I am satisfied using EasyPay!


YOR Cell 1

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