SMART Technique, The Key of Success in Designing 2020 Year's Resolutions

SMART Technique

In welcoming the new year, many of us must have been planning or already thinking about making resolutions that will be achieved in the coming year. New year resolutions can be used as a means for us to reflect on what we have achieved in one year and what we want to achieve in the following years.

Many ways can be done to draw up the resolution of the new year. Here is one of the techniques introduced by George T. Doran called S.M.A.R.T. namely Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic, and Time-related, which can help you draw up the desired resolutions.


A good resolution is a specific resolution or in other words clear and unambiguous. You must be able to target a resolution to something that is clear in order to progress yourself. Like “I want to save 20 million for 6 months” not “I want to save a lot this year”.


Make sure the resolution you want to do can be measured, the intention is that there is progress that you can make as an indicator of how far it has been carried out. For example, you can make a list of changes that will be made and changes that have been made. After that, you can evaluate it again.


In addition to being specific, you must also be sure that you are the one who can realize the resolution. You can also clearly describe who can help you achieve these resolutions.


You must ensure that the resolution you plan has good and appropriate goals for yourself. You can also describe the results or goals that you expect in your resolution, as well as what methods and materials are needed to achieve that resolution.


You have to think about the time needed to reach that resolution, so you can always focus to pursue it. Starting from a simple resolution and then to a large one so that you think is only a matter of time period for each resolution you make.

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