The reason why making coffee shop is new trend

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No coffee, no workee! Who agrees with this one statement? Drinking coffee has become a tradition for Indonesian people, starting from those who live in villages to urban areas. The culture of drinking coffee is also indiscriminate, from teenagers, students to office employees. That is what triggers the number of coffee shops that are increasing in big cities, for example is jakarta.

Curious about how the coffee business is developing? What are the factors that make many people make coffee business? Come on, let’s study one by one!

Big Profits

We no longer need to question why many people are turning into coffee shop businessmen. Not only a habit, this business can generate a lot of turnover. Try to study one by one, yes.

In the capital city of Jakarta, the price of Arabica Green Bean coffee (not yet roasted) directly purchased at farmers costs only Rp. 80,000 / kg. But if you buy it directly at the vendor who has roasted the coffee into powder, the price can reach Rp. 300,000.

While the price of one cup of the cheapest Arabica coffee sells for Rp. 15,000 per cup. Whereas in one kilogram of Arabica coffee can make more than 50 cups (or more). So the net profit of 1 kg of Arabica ground coffee can reach Rp. 500,000. Well, try to count if you can sell 100 cups a day and multiply in one month. How much turnover can you get?

Creative Idea

Unlike other culinary businesses that have to innovate desperately, for the coffee shop business that you sell is not just a taste but a creative idea. For example in giving names and also interior design. Today’s business is not only wrestling with taste, but an idea.

One example, is Kopi Kenangan. This Coffee Shop was initially only in a few outlets, but because of its unique name it is not difficult for Kopi Kenangan to steal the hearts of the Indonesian people. Unique menu names, such as Kopi Kenangan Mantan and Kopi Kenangan Mantan Menikah, are the main menu of this business. In addition to its affordable price, this coffee offers a creative side that no one can buy.

Easy to get side dish

For those of you who want to drink coffee, you really don’t need a menu of side dish. However, if you have the desire to make side dish, you do not need to bother because the coffee side dish cannot be heavy food. For example, you can serve brownies, cakes, French fries, and so on.

A lot of Coffee Addicts

EasyPay Buddy, do you know that Indonesia is one of the best coffee producing countries in the world? Not only the variety of types, coffee addict in Indonesia are also increasing everywhere

Reporting from Viva, data from the International Coffee Organization (ICO) notes that the average growth of Indonesian coffee consumption is greater than the world at large.

This sales trend is reflected in the online buying and selling platform. Based on data from one of the e-commerce buying and selling items, coffee sales in the marketplace platform almost tripled. Previously, the data noted that there were around 40 thousand products in 2016 and tripled to 120 thousand products during 2017.

This increase in numbers can be considered very fantastic and proves that coffee enthusiasts in Indonesia are quite high. This opportunity can be used as preliminary data to establish a coffee shop.

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