These 5 Tips Can Make Your Holiday Exciting With Maximum Savings

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Work piling up with super tight deadlines certainly makes you a little depressed. This makes a long holiday the best moment to relax and unwind. Any vacation will be very pleasant and satisfied. Especially if you spend time with your loved ones, it will be even more exciting!

Christmas and New Year holidays seem to be approaching, there’s nothing wrong with planning your vacation from now on. Recreational planning, whether domestic or foreign, of course you need to adjust your odor. Do not get fancy because of chasing prestige, in the end, it will cause you a problem with financial institutions.

To avoid this problem, don’t forget to save your money before the holidays, huh. You know, the end of the year is a high peak season, which means that all costs such as aircraft, hotels, rental vehicles are more expensive. So, if you don’t want a broken bag at the beginning of the year you have to be smart in planning your vacation.

Set Your Destination

Before you flip through travel brochures or read the most recommended places for year-end holidays, it’s better to first determine the priorities you want to do on your trip. For example, do you just want to take a walk or shop?

By the way about priority, there are some general goals that the present people want to achieve when on vacation Like :

1.Explore different cultures
3.Culinary tour
4.Look for a different experience

By determining the purpose of this vacation, you can focus on the best way to achieve it. If you are looking for an extraordinary cultural experience, then you can stay in hostels or even live with residents and live with them for several days.

Plan Your Vacation Budget

EasyPay Buddy, do you know that ordering a travel itinerary without any plan can seriously jeopardize your financial condition in the future. It’s difficult indeed to avoid the temptation of cheap ticket prices, awesome hotel reviews, and various amazingly magnificent tourist attractions. But, all of these things will actually make you spend more budget than you planned.

The easiest way to plan this is to look at your personal budget and the amount of savings you have. But keep in mind, never spend money on just one vacation, because it will make your finances in the future more difficult. For that, give a little remaining about 10 to 20 percent of your savings.

Look for alternatives hotels

In addition to setting a destination, you can also save on travel costs by finding alternative residences. If you think the hotel is too expensive, you can use a number of alternatives below:


When traveling abroad, hostels offer cheap accommodation and sometimes they even provide free meals for tourists. The disadvantage is that you may have to share rooms and bathrooms with other travelers. For those of you who want to pursue ‘culture’ this is certainly very beneficial for you. Not only can you save money, you can find friends traveling while you are abroad.


Today many homeowners often rent out their dwellings to tourists at prices that are far cheaper than hotels. The only drawback is that you will not get the proper facilities in a hotel, such as breakfast, cleaning service, or maybe a swimming pool. This rental is great for those of you who are playing with friends in quite a large number. Compared to ordering one room, you can order one condo at the same price as a hotel room. Cheap festive isn’t it?

3.Stay at a friend’s house

Have you ever wondered how efficient it is to live with relatives or friends who are in your destination city? If you are lucky enough to have friends in your destination, it can be one of the tips to cut your accommodation costs by half the price!

Plan a Shorter Trip

Whatever the purpose of your vacation is relaxation or exploration, you don’t have to travel too long to get the experience you want. Make a shorter vacation plan but can get the same benefits with a longer vacation. With this, you can save a lot of money.

A shorter trip can make you appreciate time better. Even if your vacation is in your home country. By cutting your travel time, you only need to visit the places you want to go. Not only that, you can also cut the cost of accommodation and transportation while there.

Traveling with Friends

Scouting with friends more or less can help you to save some costs, such as the cost of accommodation, meals, and some other small expenses. This small fee includes toll tickets or maybe gasoline costs. Try to count, if you travel with 4 of your friends, with a total of 5 people in a travel group. You use AirBnB services with condominium prices of IDR 600,000 / day where you can cook there. You take a trip for 5 days 4 nights.

Accommodation: IDR 2,400,000: 5 = IDR 480,000

Compared to you have to take a hotel that is priced at a price of 300,000 – 400,000 with only a maximum capacity of 1-2 people. That means you have to take 2 rooms which in the end spend money of Rp. 800,000 / day.

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