They Win Prizes Because EasyPay! You Can Win Too!

EasyPay Friends, Last month EasyPay held a Jago Jualan program, where our EasyPay friends were invited to win various prizes! The more you sell using the EasyPay Mobile application, the greater the chance to become a winner. And now, the winners have been announced and received their prizes. Come on, let’s chat with them.
Winner of Jago Jualan Lizz Store
“I have been selling groceries in my shop for years. With EasyPay Mobile, I can provide various electronic products to my customers easily and quickly!” – Lismaniyah
Winner of Jago Jualan #2 Sinar Mentari Store
“My tips for those who are just starting a business: choose a good payment system like EasyPay Mobile, always be friendly, and understand the customer’s point of view. The more we understand them, the better the service we give, and the more often they return.” – Hendy

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