How To Work From Office During "New Normal"

"New Normal" Tips

Although some companies have been allowed to operate again, there must be some “new habits” that must be observed. Are you ready to face the “New Normal” era, friend of EasyPay?

So as not to be confused, here are a few things to note about the “New Normal” policy that has begun to take effect.

Provide Your Own Lunch

Some offices may issue policies to employees so they can bring their own food or work. This aims to reduce the use of cutlery simultaneously and can also help us to save money.

More individual

A period of isolation might occur even though the PSBB is over and the “new normal” era begins. Employees are expected not to get busy at some regular gathering points and even have to eat and bring their own cutlery until the virus subsides.

Online Meetings May Still Be Implemented

Gathering or discussing together in the room or outside the office can be a distinctive memory for the next few months. That happened because even though they entered the office, employees might still carry out online meetings.

More Closed Room

The concept of open space work has indeed become a trend for several companies. But unfortunately, this trend will be ineffective. But by giving a divider to each room or work area it is believed that it can inhibit the spread of the virus.

Sick Permission Becomes More “Easy”

It seems that since the corona virus spreads, everyone is alarmed and worried. Even just to get out of the house to buy living equipment at the nearest warung, the community was haunted by the horror of the impact of the corona virus. Therefore, permission from superiors to not come to work because of illness seems to be easier because the condition of the company and employees must be all healthy.

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