What are The Favorite Easypay Customer Products?

Easypay Favorite Product
EasyPay Favorite Products (Pexel)
So, some time ago, EasyPay conducted a survey of its customers: What digital products do you buy most often through EasyPay? Here are five of the most favorite products of EasyPay customers. Hopefully you can use it as a foundation when you’re using EasyPay Payment System!
# 5 Online Game Voucher
Apparently, game vouchers are included in the top five! There are many EasyPay customers who come to the market to buy online game vouchers. At EasyPay, we provide game vouchers for some of the most popular games at the moment. Mobile Legends, PUBG, are a few examples.
# 4 Water Bills
Of course, the top five favorite products include various basic needs. Almost every household needs to pay a water bill. On EasyPay, water bills payments are available from both PDAM, Palyja and Aetra.
# 3 Electric Bills
And of course, every household also needs to pay electricity bills. You can pay electricity bills from PLN, both pre and postpaid at EasyPay.
# 2 Data Package
Do not let your internet time stop because your data plan runs out! EasyPay provides data packages for all providers in Indonesia. Because of EasyPay’s fast and easy service, most customers choose to buy data packages from EasyPay.
# 1 Phone Credit
And the number one favorite product by Easypay customers is: phone credit! The main need of society today is communication. Almost all EasyPay customers agree, the digital product they need most is credit. Fortunately, EasyPay provides phone credit products from all providers in Indonesia.

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