Be Productive While Working From Home

Work From Home

Due to the pandemic of the corona virus outbreak (Covid-19), the government established a policy so that people work at home, or what is commonly referred to as “work from home”. This stipulation was carried out in an effort to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus, considering the number that has infected 117 people in Indonesia today. But you don’t need to be afraid of this policy. Because even if you work at home, you can also run it effectively without having to come to the office. Here are tips that you can apply to be effective and successful at work.

Stay Organized On Working Hours

Working at home does seem more relaxed and comfortable. But do not let you fall asleep with the convenience and comfort provided. Do not let the office work lag because you are negligent and too relaxed will be more flexible working hours. Setting regular hours of work helps you to be more responsible to yourself and your manager.

Know the Priority of Flow and Work Time

Just like working in an office, you still have to pay attention to priorities about your work duties. Calculate the time and difficulty of your work assignments, and what you have to do today at home.

Form of Office Atmosphere at Home

The term “work from home” gives you the illusion of comfort you cannot get while working in an office that can tempt you to work from a sofa or even a bed. Try to keep working on the table, with equipment and equipment like in the office, to convince your brain that it’s time to keep working, not on vacation.

Look for Inspiration Other Than Colleagues

A fairly dominant difference from working at home is that you have trouble discussing or working with your coworkers. Try to find inspiration from various sources or even you can listen to instrumental music that can keep you focused and smooth in doing your assignments.

Don’t Forget to Break Time

It’s the same with working in an office, even if you work at home, you also need time off. Make sure you get enough rest and not too much, considering the flexibility you get in “work from home”. Eating healthy snacks and interacting with people at home or around the house can restore your working mood so you can stay productive at work at home.

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